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What is the Heart-Centered Therapies Association?

Membership is open to anyone certified by The Wellness Institute as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and who is using the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® modality professionally as it is taught and practiced by The Wellness Institute.

Membership is renewable annually, subject to continued professional use of the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy modality, and adherence to the Code of Ethics on the Application for Membership.

Membership expires at the end of the twelve months, and if membership is not renewed, the members lose the right to use the trademarked name Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy.®

If you have taken the Six Day Training and would like to join the association please fill out the application for membership. When you're done filling out the application, you can fax it to us (425.391.9737) or email it to us at  ( For a more guided enrollment process, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

  • "Members Only" discounts for conference registrations for our Heart Centered Therapies Conference.
  • Free Clean-Break Program
  • Authorized use of the trademark Use the trade name "Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy with this executed trademark license agreement.
  • Find a Therapist Members that are certified with The Wellness Institute will be listed in the Heart-Centered Therapies Association referral database on our Find a Therapist web page.

Marketing Your Practice: Recorded Webinar Series

These first sets of webinars to be introduced are the Marketing Webinars. Jesse Hartman has designed this series to enable you to have a full functional operational marketing plan in place in one year; or an enhanced plan if you already have a practice.  

And More:

  • All Conference Audio from Previous Years 
  • Diane's classic digitized Self Improvement Programs and Professional Trainings 

Want to join the association and get all of the above benefits, and more? Simply fill out the form below and our membership enrollment coordinator will start the process for you.


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