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Introduction to the Course


If accepted into the Personal Transformation Leadership Training Program (by application and invitation after completion of the Internship course), you attend the Personal Transformation Training workshops 4 times per year for one year. You become certified as a Personal Transformation Intensive facilitator, and are then eligible to lead the PTI® program in your community.

In this Training Program, participants continue their own personal growth work, clearing out any "blocks" preventing them from reaching their goals. Learn a dynamic new process to help clear out any "counter-transference" that you may experience with participants.

Training includes a complete outline of the PTI program, all presentation materials and how to facilitate each process. Receive certification as a Personal Transformation Intensive Leader. Discover the full potential of who you are. The Personal Transformation Intensive program is offered exclusively by leaders trained by The Wellness Institute.

Purpose: This one-year training experience will build on the two years of advanced clinical skill-based training you have completed. You will attend four very powerful Three-day Workshops, where you will learn new psychotherapy techniques, refine your skills and incorporate the advanced techniques already learned, develop group leadership skills, and have the opportunity to continue to process your own issues. 

Continuing Education offered: 

Please view our In Class Continuing Education page for more information.