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What You Will Learn 

This one-year training experience will build on the two years of advanced clinical skill-based training you have completed. You will attend four very powerful four-day Workshops, where you will learn new psychotherapy techniques, refine your skills and incorporate the advanced
techniques already learned, develop group leadership skills, and have the opportunity to continue to process your own issues.

Clinical training: The program expands further into the clinical areas of 

  • pre- and prenatal trauma,
  • the differential diagnosis and treatment of trauma and shock,
  • group psychotherapy dynamics and effective leadership,
  • ego-state therapy with self-sabotaging shadow parts,
  • Jungian and shamanistic practices of "soul work",
  • the relevance of unresolved developmental stages to unrealized human potential,
  • existential issues of unfulfilled meaning in life,
  • somatically releasing energy blocks

You will learn to facilitate groups of participants in Breath Therapy, hypnotherapy work, Energetic Psychodrama, and intensely therapeutic group processes. 

You will expand your areas of expertise to include a wide variety of emotional disorders, especially addictions, personality disorders, dissociation and relationship issues.

This year of study will stimulate you to be more effective with groups in all areas of your life.