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What You Will Learn

In joining the Mentors Training, students are introduced to Jungian Depth Psychology in a unique way that will allow you to learn all of the follow, and more.

Areas of clinical training for the first four years are:

  • Conception Shadow Discovery
  • Anima, Animus, Kundalini
  • Tarot – Archetypal Symbology
  • Jungian Type & Inferior Function
  • Dream Journeying
  • Active Imagination
  • The Psychoid Realm
  • Autonomous Complexes
  • Mana Initiation Process (Inner Visionary)
  • Autonomous Complex, Autonomous Psyche
  • Authority Complex (Spiritual Advisor)
  • Immature Authority and Self-deception

We immerse in developing skills relevant to Transpersonal and Jungian Psychology.

  • Symbol and metaphor in work in the body’s subtle energy field
  • Archetypal significance of birth and prenatal experience
  • Soul work in the Individuation process
  • Past life and karmic influences
  • Jungian archetypal work with autonomous complexes, anima, animus, and Mana personality
  • Jungian dream work, waking dreams, and active imagination
  • Physical/Spiritual healing through accessing archetypal resources

Advanced skills in other Heart-Centered modalities are taught such as:

  • Active imagination
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Dream psychodramas
  • Awakening the Kundalini