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Why Wellness Institute?

At this point, you might be wondering "Hypnotherapy sounds intriguing. Why would I want to learn it from The Wellness Institute?"

1. We are the Creators of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

We teach you how to use Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy for nearly all types of incoming clients. There  are very few client presenting issues that cannot be treated with hypnotherapy!

Once you learn this dynamic process, you have a tool box filled with resources, previously unavailable to you. For example, many therapists refer out clients with drug, alcohol and food addictions including eating disorders. With your new skills in hypnotherapy, you can now not only keep these clients, but feel confident that you are providing them with the highest quality and most effective treatment available!

This means that you can actually become “the specialist” in your own area in treating conditions which previously you may have had to refer out to other therapists. In fact as your clients/patients talk to family as well as others in their communities, you will be receiving a whole new source of referrals. Our students find that their clients are so encouraged with the quick, healing results they receive, they are excited to share their experience with others. They also report that co-workers and close friends definitely notice the positive changes in them and want to know how they did it.

2. Our Students

We've been devoted to helping therapists grow their skill set since 1985. Since then, we've had thousands of graduates all over the world (20 countries!) who have accumulated over 500,000 hours of learning experience with us. We have certified 600+ TRIM-LIFE providers, 200+ PTI (Personal Transformation Intensive) Group leaders, and we have flown over 2 million miles to do it. Oh, and our graduates love us. Here are some testimonials.

3. Hands-On, Immersive Training

You won’t be taking dry, academic courses or sitting in lectures. As part of a small, intimate group, you will get a mixture of instruction and hands-on exercise. Our training is practical and proven to get you going in hypnotherapy in a very short period of time.

4. Top-Tier Instructors

Our instructors are top-notch having spent years taking coursework within the institute. Only after years of experience, and proven skill, do we accept a student to become a teacher. They’ve been there, done that, and that means your education is as robust as can be.

5. Personal Attention

Our classes are small, because we believe the only way to learn hypnotherapy is to feel it and practice it. This insures that you get one-on-one attention with your instructors.

6. Opportunities for Advancement

And guess what? You will love us so much that you won’t want to leave (and we don’t blame you). There are many opportunities to grow in the world of hypnotherapy. From advanced hypnotherapy education to becoming an instructor.

7. Make Money

Our courses are affordable and valuable (view the price and register). You will learn new skills and expand the services you can offer your clients. This means happier clients and increased financial prosperity to invest in your career.